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Special properties of silicon carbide

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Silicon carbide is Si and C the only binary compound in a binary system. The atomic ratio is 1:1. Below is mainly about the characteristics of the silicon carbide.

1, the stability is good.

In HCl, - H2SO4 and HF boiling is not subject to erosion. SiC doesn't react with silicate in high temperature, it has the good performance of resistance to acidic slag. SiC with lime reaction, the start of the 525 degrees near 1000 degrees response significantly, and the cupric oxide reaction in 800 degrees has been strong.. In 1000-1000 degrees, with iron oxide reaction, and 1300 degrees has clearly split reaction. With manganese oxide reaction from 1360 degrees to split. SiC in chlorine, begin from 600 degrees with the reaction, to 1200 degrees can make its decomposition for SiCl4 and CCl4. Under hot molten alkali can make SiC decomposition.

2, good oxidation resistance

Silicon carbide at room temperature, the oxidation resistance is very good, in the synthesis of SiC residue of Si and C and iron oxide have influence on the oxidation degree of SiC. In ordinary pure SiC under oxidizing atmosphere can be used safely in temperatures as high as 1500 degrees, and contains some impurities of silicon carbide, which will happen in 1220 - degree oxidation.

3, good thermal shock resistance.

Because silicon carbide not melting and decomposition of steam temperature is very high, and has a high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, thus has good thermal shock resistance.

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