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Close the six-party lattice structure typical of special ceramics

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Composed of dense platoon six-party lattice special ceramics structure mainly includes the following several kinds of typical structure, the corundum structure, wurtzite structure, nickel arsenide type structure.

1, corundum structure. Oxygen ions are close the six-party structure, aluminum ion occupies two-thirds of the octahedral gap, that is in each cell has four aluminum ions into the gap.

2, wurtzite structure. Six-party lattice sulfur anion is close. Plus zinc fill half of the tetrahedral gap, namely in the four sulfur ions tetrahedron center and side edges.

3, nickel arsenide type structure. Nickel arsenide structure can be considered As two hexagonal prism overlap, As uneven distribution of ions with low six triangular prism in the upper and lower body weight. That is equivalent to three As ion replaces the original dense pile of six-party two hexagonal three atoms in the surface.

Above is composed of dense platoon six-party lattice typical structure of three kinds of special ceramics, please guidance.

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